The LIFO® Method History, the colors of the LIFO-method

In 1967, the LIFO® Survey originated as a positive and structured tool to supplement organizational development efforts and group dynamics training. The LIFO® Survey helps people understand their behavioral preferences, as well as how to improve themselves, and improve relationships by studying the interaction of each other’s personal styles and strengths.

Gerard Bienfait, founder of OrangeBrain, has within his LIFO assessment a combination of both red (action, steering, direct, …) and yellow (enthusiastic, networker, …) characteristics that predominate, along with green touches like reliable and involved.


When the colors red and yellow are mixed, orange is created. The symbolic meaning of orange is emotion, and the properties associated with it are energy, vitality, happiness, creativity, motivation, optimism and an overall sense of well-being. These are all concepts Gerard recognizes within himself and his way of working.

The addition of ‘brain’ also links a certain ratio to Gerard’s personality traits:

Healthcare matters

Healthcare matters has a double meaning. The first is a statement: ‘Healthcare matters!’ Good health and healthcare are of vital importance. The quality of care has my warm interest. Of course, I also have an opinion about it, and I like to share this with others who are also concerned with healthcare. The second meaning is the fact that I am concerned with matters related to healthcare.

Services offered:

  • Strategic marketing
  • Business Development
  • Networking
  • Consultancy
  • Project management

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