Strategic marketing

The big(ger) picture, that’s what strategic marketing is all about: making choices to achieve mission, vision and objectives. In other words: setting long-term goals, positioning in the market, and choosing a direction. In this way, strategic marketing can create added value in the market, give you a competitive advantage over your competitors, and affect tactical and operational marketing: your marketing mix and your business operations.  


In the past year, classic marketing was definitively disrupted by COVID-19 and it seems that online marketing has become the standard. OrangeBrain supports this transition process by aligning classical and digital marketing. We help you optimally get back in touch with your target group digitally, in real life, or otherwise. 


OrangeBrain can support when making decisions about deployment of various components of the marketing mix. 


OrangeBrain can implement the following tools for this purpose: 


Brainstorm session

Organize an OrangeBrainstorm for your team/department/campaign/communication issue/product introduction. Together we’ll look at the goal, where the different needs lie and what’s needed to grow towards it. Based on this, OrangeBrain will suggest an approach and arrange everything that’s needed.



Does your organization, team or department need (extra) brainpower, or do you need a new perspective or an ‘out of the box’ look at an issue? Ask Gerard about the possibilities to use OrangeBrainpower!